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Dinner :: Ramadan Dinner (Iftar) Gatherings

Raleigh : 06-18-2015

IITS organized Annual Ramadan Dinners (Iftar) everyday during month of Ramadan. Everyone enjoyed the tasty food. It was a good chance for everybody getting to know other people and have authentic food.

Ramadan is a time of intensive worship and devotion to God, a time of reading the Qur'an and inner reflection, of comprehensive thanksgiving and giving to charity, of self-control and kindness of training oneself to be a good, moral person, and a time for doing good deeds.

Since Muslims in many parts of the world prepare and eat dinner at the same time during this month, Ramadan emphasizes community aspects. It is also a time of generosity. People are more generous, more cordial, and more ready than at other times of the year to do good and charitable work. Muslims often invite one another, friends and guests to share the evening meal (IFTAR) and to exchange gifts and best wishes.

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