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Celebration :: Noah's Pudding day

Raleigh : 11-21-2012

IITS organized Noah's Pudding day. Noah's Pudding is prepared by IITS volunteers and distributed to neighbors of IITS to celebrate this day.

Noah's Pudding (Ashure): When Noah's ark landed on Mount Judi (Agri/Ararat), there was great joy and the believers offered thanks to God. Those on the Ark prepared a delicacy with what was left on the Ark. There were grains, dried fruits and pulses on the vessel such as figs, nuts, wheat, chickpeas, almonds and apricots which were cooked together with sugar. Since then, Muslims cook it every year in remembrance of what Noah and his people went through, mixing all the dry beans and wheat they can find to make this pudding. Sharing ashure is a symbolic representation of the unity and essential relationship of humans to one another and to their Creator.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, wheat, chick peas, beans, apricots, walnuts, raisins, almonds, orange, pomegranate,cinnamon, coconut.

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