About Us
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Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies-North Carolina (IITSNC) was founded in 2012. IITSNC is a non-profit organization with no political affiliation. It is dedicated to addressing the religious, social and cultural needs of people living in North Carolina. We aim to:


  • …be a resource for those who are interested in learning about Islam
  • …help Muslims increase their knowledge and understanding of Islam
  • …be a resource on Turkish language and culture
  • …support interfaith dialogue
  • …prevent misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims

Any contribution to the peace, prosperity, respectfully others, and harmony is greatly appreciated within our association.

Our mission is to show that religions are not necessarily the main source of every conflict, hostility, and clashes among world civilizations, rather, religions can play major role in restoring world peace, respect, sympathy, trust and tolerance to different groups when the followers are educated, and guided properly to meet the needs of changing values of tomorrow's world.

Our aim to accomplish our mission would be to promote the study of world religions and spiritual faiths in order to gain wisdom and knowledge so that people will have a renewed sense of gratitude, and respect for the spiritual beliefs they hold closest to their hearts. By being in constant communication with other people who have different traditions from their own, we each have the opportunity to refine and appreciate our own beliefs and traditions.

It is our belief that a sustainable world peace could be achieved by sharing different perspectives, by listening to each other free from any prejudicing with unconditional respect, and nurture tolerance, mercy, love and compassion. Our goals is to help bring together the communities in order to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith activities such as dialogues and trips to important religious places.