Welcome to the Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies
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Panel :: Afterlife

Raleigh : 03-05-2017

Voluntary :: Food Drive

Raleigh : 12-25-2016

Seminar :: Book club & discussion series

Raleigh : 12-17-2016

What: "An Insightful Journey into the Mysteries of Science and Faith (Islamic and others)"
A monthly book club & interfaith discussion series
When: December 17, 2016, Saturday 9:30am
Where: IITS - 1391 SE Maynard Rd. Cary, NC 27511
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Complimentary breakfast will be provided

Each meeting will cover independent articles so everyone is welcome to any of the meetings even if they may have missed the previous meetings.

Tentative Outline: Click here to see the outline

Both science and religion has targeted to serve the man’s fundamental need of understanding and achieving meaningfulness in our existence. The situation has been that human beings, from time to time, have denied religion in the name of science and denied science in the name of religion, arguing that the two present conflicting views from one another. It is even claimed that an individual scientist may be a believer, but science itself must be unbelieving. The aim of this interfaith book club is to answer the fundamental question that if all knowledge belongs to God and religion is from Him, how then can the two be in conflict? The participants are expected to gain new insights into the notion of faith and science, not as separate opposing entities as mistakenly popularized, but rather as one combined entity stemming from the same source and two different lights that emanate from the same truth. The directions of the discussions are flexible and will be based on the religious traditions of the participants.

Seminar :: Need Health Insurance

Raleigh : 12-10-2016